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Kalsotra Lab is looking for new postdoctoral scientists to join the lab. For more information check our job posting here.

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Graduate students Adesanya Oluwafolajimi and Diptatanu Das join the Kalsotra Lab! Welcome to the party ‘Fola and Dipta!! 

Waqar’s manuscript examining SRSF1’s role in the liver is accepted by Nature Communications. Congrats to the whole team!!

Oraya Zinder and Pallob Barai join us for a lab rotation. Welcome, Oraya and Pallob!!

Subhashis won the “outstanding poster award” at the Rustbelt RNA meetingCongrats Subhashis!!

Zac gave a talk while Sandip, UllasSushantSubhashis, and Nick presented posters at the Rustbelt RNA meeting. Way to go everyone!!

Graduate student Katerine Dailey joins us for a lab rotation. Welcome ‘Katrine!!

Graduate students Adesanya Oluwafolajimi and Diptatanu Das join us for their lab rotation. Welcome ‘Fola and Dipta!!

Subhashis and Nick presented posters at the ISMB “iRNA—COSI 22” in Madison, WI. Subhashis won an outstanding poster prize. Nicely done!!

Nash and Ullas presented lab’s recent findings on dysregulation of RNA splicing in liver disease at a Gordon Conference in Maine!!

Ullas Chembazhi’s abstract was selected for an oral presentation at the FASEB Liver Biology Conference in New Orleans. Way to go Ullas!!

Ullas Chembazhi won an Outstanding poster prize at the Annual RNA society meeting in Boulder, CO. Congrats Ullas!!

Sandip gave a talk; Zac, Sushant and Ullas presented posters at the Annual RNA society meeting in Boulder, CO. Way to go everyone!! 

Sarah Matatov accepted by the MD/PhD program at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Congratulations, and all the best Sarah!

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Recent Works

Cellular plasticity balances the metabolic and proliferation dynamics of a regenerating liver

This work was published in Genome Research.

Non-muscle RBFOX2 triggers cardiac conduction defects in myotonic dystrophy

This work was published in Developmental Cell.

ESRP2 regulates the Hippo pathway to aid liver regeneration

This work was published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Poly(A) tail length regulates PABPC1 to tune translation in the heart

This work was published in eLife.

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