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Kalsotra Lab is looking for new postdoctoral scientists to join the lab. For more information check our job posting here.

Recent lab News

Sushant completed his thesis defense this week and will start postdoc at the end of the summer. Well done Dr. Bangru!!

Joe passed his final defense and has started at Ricovr healthcare as a senior scientist. Congrats Dr. Seimetz!!!

Our recent collaboration with the Anakk Lab was published in Science Advances!! Way to go Waqar!

Ullas & Sushant’s recent bioarxiv manuscript examining liver regeneration is now accepted in Genome Research. Hooray!!!

Sandip Chorghade joins us as a postdoc. Welcome back Sandip!!

Sushant and Joe cleared their 6-month pre-defense meetings as new graduate student Nick Baker joins the lab. Welcome Nick!

Our collaborative effort with the Henry lab is now up on bioarxiv!! Great work Sushant!!

Our collaborative effort with the Prasanth lab was accepted in RNA Journal. Glad to have contributed to this cool work!

Our latest effort to understand liver regeneration using single-cell omics is now up on bioarxiv! Well done Ullas & Sushant!!

Sushant was awarded the Scott Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2020-21 by the UIUC Graduate College!! Way to go!!

Andrew’s work was awarded the Best Undergraduate Thesis Award in Biochemistry 2019-20!! Amazing job Andrew!!

Our collaboration with the Irudayaraj Lab was published in Toxicology letters! Well done Jackie, Junya & Waqar!!

Our collaborative effort with the Hernaez & Ochoa Labs is now available on 
bioarxiv! Great job Ullas & Sushant!!

Our collaboration with the Pan Lab was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ! Congrats Sushant!

Congrats to Chaitali, Sushant, Lili and rest of the Kalsotra Lab for their new paper in Developmental Cell !

Sushant and Nash wrote a review on liver regeneration for Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology !

Our first joint collaborative effort with the Diehl Lab was published in Journal of Clinical Investigation! Congrats to Sushant, Ullas and the lab!!

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Recent Works

Non-muscle RBFOX2 triggers cardiac conduction defects in myotonic dystrophy

This work was recently published in Developmental Cell.

ESRP2 regulates the Hippo pathway to aid
liver regeneration

This work was recently published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Poly(A) tail length regulates PABPC1 to tune translation in the heart

This work was recently published in eLife.

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