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Recent lab News

Ullas Chembazhi won an Outstanding poster prize at the Annual RNA society meeting in Boulder, CO. Congrats Ullas!!

Sandip gave a talk; Zac, Sushant and Ullas presented posters at the Annual RNA society meeting in Boulder, CO. Way to go everyone!! 

Sarah Matatov accepted by the MD/PhD program at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Congratulations, and all the best Sarah!

Abid Anwar won the 2022 Mayo Clinic Summer Research Undergraduate Fellowship, Have fun in Rochester Abid!!

Chaitali Misra accepted a Senior Scientist position at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA. Best wishes to Chaitali for her future industry endeavors.

Sarah Matatov received the 2022 “Michael Glaser undergraduate service award” to the biochemistry department. Well done Sarah!

Ullas Chembazhi and Waqar Arif  gave talks at the 5th Annual Biochemistry Graduate Student Award Symposium. Congratulations to both!

Sarah Matatov won the 2022 “Jackson best undergraduate thesis award in biochemistry” with highest distinction. Way to go Sarah!

Ullas Chembazhi won the “Outstanding poster award” at the Big Ten Academic Alliance Lipids Symposium. Well done Ullas!!

Graduate student Jessica Derham joins the Kalsotra Lab! Welcome, Jessica!

Graduate student Subhashis Natua joins the Kalsotra Lab! Welcome to the party, Subhashis!

Zac Dewald won an “Excellent poster award” at the virtual Rustbelt RNA meeting. Congrats Zac!!

Ullas gave a talk while Sandip, Chaitali, Zac, and Sarah presented posters at the virtual Rustbelt RNA meeting. Great job everyone!!

Sushant gave a talk and Sandip, Bo, and Ullas presented posters at the virtual CSHL – Eukaryotic mRNA Processing meeting. Way to go everyone!!

Nick Baker is selected as a “Chemical Biology Interface” (CBI) Fellow. Congratulations Nick!!

Waqar Arif was awarded the 2021 Biochemistry Trust of Urbana Award for demonstrating excellence in graduate studies and research. Well done and Congratulations Waqar!!

Ullas Chembazhi was awarded the 2021 Colin A. Wraight Memorial Award in Biochemistry for an Outstanding Paper. Way to go and Congratulations Ullas!!

Kalsotra Lab research was covered by the Cancer Center@Illinois.

Nash received William C. Rose Professorship in Biochemistry!!

Zac gave a talk at the virtual Annual RNA society meeting, Well done Zac!!

Our collaboration with the Anakk Lab was published in Science Advances!! Way to go Waqar!

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Recent Works

Non-muscle RBFOX2 triggers cardiac conduction defects in myotonic dystrophy

This work was recently published in Developmental Cell.

ESRP2 regulates the Hippo pathway to aid
liver regeneration

This work was recently published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Poly(A) tail length regulates PABPC1 to tune translation in the heart

This work was recently published in eLife.

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